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How to Counter the Hook in MMA Fighting

Learn how to counter a hook from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Okay, we have Chad here again. He's going to help me demo three basic counters to the hook. Okay? So again, when it's righty against righty, I like to teach the first basic counter. When he throws that hook punch, I want to counter with my own hook. Okay? Especially if he tends to keep his hand down and he fires that hook, it's going to be really effective when it comes to countering with my own hook. So again, when he throws that hook I have to make sure I'm covered up though. Okay? If I'm eating the hook, this counter is not going to work. So I have to make sure my head is wrapped up as I counter with my own hook. And again, if he drops that hand, that's where the counter comes in. Okay? So he throws a hook, I counter with my own hook to the head.

Second basic counter is you can counter with a hook to the body. I'm still going to cover up but this time I'm going to shuffle it to the body instead of to the head, because usually it opens up the body when he throws that hook. So I cover up and then I counter with that shuffle hook again, either to the stomach, ribcage, or sternum. Alright? Three basic targets. Either way, as he throws that hook I just want to make sure I counter to the body. That's the best time to go to the body is when he's exposed. Okay?

And the last basic counter, as he throws that hook again I'm working off of that cover. I'm going to step in and come in with that elbow. Okay? That uppercut elbow. So again, he throws a hook, I wrap the head up, step in with the elbow, and hopefully it lands on the head. And it should be a simultaneous move where I countering with the elbow as he's throwing the hook at the same time. All three moves, if he throws a hook, I'm countering with my hook, countering with the body, countering with the elbow. Okay? And those are your three basic counters to the hook punch.

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