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How to Counter Kicks in MMA Fighting

Learn how to counter kicks from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Ok we are gonna chat here again we are gonna go through couple of basic counters for the low kick okay. For the low kick that's attacking the out side of the leg and from righty obviously what he wants to do is he wants to attack the thigh. So what i have gotta do is try to defend or protect myself when he throws a low kick i am gonna shield okay. When i shield i wanna make sure i don't wanna bring it out firmly because if he throws a kick he is gonna knock my shield out of the way. So to protect the leg i gotta make sure when i shield on its out on 45 degree angle short and come back to a good stands. Okay so he throws a kick, i shield. I make sure i keep hands off i don't want to drop hands because i could open the points at the same time. He throws a low kick i shield okay. Second basic counter miss the shield and miss time it and he lands a low kick. I obviously i don't want to stand here now and keep taking low kicks so by miss timing i am gonna step in and jam it up and counter with the cross okay. So instead of standing there and taking a kick i gotta fire back. He throws a low kick but i step in base myself out and counter that with cross to the head. So one more time, i base myself up take the kick and counter with that cross. So those are the two basic counters to the out side low kick.

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