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3 Basic Knee Strike Techniques in MMA Fighting

Learn three knee strikes from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Okay, lets go through some basic knee strikes now. I'm gonna use Chad again as my partner and I'm gonna throw three basic knees from the Muay Thai clench. So if you happen to get into a clench however you wind up in the clench, hopefully you get in here and you can control the head, okay. You get into this Muay Thai clench. So the three basic targets are obviously body, okay, you have leg, you can attack the side of the body with the round knees or you have knee to the face, okay. With the knee to the face or the head, you wanna make sure you are pulling your target down so you can drive the knee up and in, okay. I don't wanna extend myself and try to come up too high, so i'd rather pull the head down and then bring the knee up to the face. So again your three targets, you can knee to the thigh, you can knee to the front of the body, side of the body and then you got knees to the head. Make sure you keep that palm postion and you keep him locked in. And those are, those are three basic knees from the Muay Thai clench.

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