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How to Do Flying Knee Variations in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do the flying knee technique from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video, part two of two.


All right guys, here we have one added flying knee technique that is really cool.

It really got started a few years ago in the WC, but Yves Edwards is really known for this technique, but Frank Mir did it as well, a few other fighters have done it. It's really cool off of a counter to a single leg. So, Chad shoots in for a single and he gets my leg, right? So he's got this single leg.

The first thing I want to do, is I either want to establish the Whizzer, or head control. Sometimes I don't even need that, I can kind of just do like a half. Now, I'm going to pop (be careful Chad). I'm going to pop up, bam, and hit him in the face. Now of course I'm not going to hit Chad in the face right now, but that's the idea. Boom, boom! Like that. I'm defending a single, maybe I'm out here. He's here, he's here, head control, bam! Here, fight it, take me down, take me down. Boom. Come up with the head. He comes up, and boom, I jump high.

Again, he shoots in, boom, bam. My head is here, boom, boom. Whizzer here, fight Chad. Bam. Like that. Taking control here, bam, still have it. Chin strap it, boom. Those are some variations of the flying knee off the single leg.

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