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How to Finish the Double Leg in MMA Fighting

Learn the finishing the double technique from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Now we're going to talk about finishing the double. There are a few variations of finishing, the first one the two basic finishes. One where you just dump him over, the second one where he's going to cut the corner.

Alright, first I double jab. I double jab and penetrate. Now, you do not have to put your knee on the floor, but in the beginning I want everybody to put your knee on the floor for practicing changing the level. Okay. Look at his rib, look at his rib. Now Chad, I came in hard to Chad, he's leaning over, right, cause I bumped him hard here, chop, one leg up, lift, drive down. Cover with your knee, underneath his legs. See where my knee is? Under here, that stops him from coming back to guard. Okay? That means coming back to guard. Okay, one more time, all right, double jab.

Here, I sit in my stance, change my level. Take a step, boom, right there. One more time. Double jab. Okay, a little practicing. All right, watch how he does it. Bam. Watch it in action. That's how you finish your double.

Second way, how you finish a double, cutting the corner. He double jabs, now, I'm not over like this, I'm a little lower posture. He's gonna come up, bam, okay? One more time. Boom. I'm, go.

Those are two ways to finish the double A kick-down.

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