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How to Do the Failed Double Leg Takedown in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do the failed double leg takedown from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Now we're talking a little more advanced finishes, particularly when the guy sprawls on your double. Chad's going to come in again. He's going to shoot, but as he shoots, I start sprawling. So, he's going to take his hand, put it underneath me, bring his head under as well. Now he brings his knee. Now he comes up. He grabs both knees - see, I'm off-balance - and then pops one. It could be this way. It could also be the other way.

One more time - he shoots, I sprawl. Head, arm, knee. Up. Pop the knee. Could go right, could go left. And he covers with his knee. OK. One more time. Notice he's going underneath me. Think of it like you're going through a tunnel, all right? The further you go through, the lighter your opponent will be.

So that's an advanced option off of a failed double.

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