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How to Do a Single Leg Takedown in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do the single leg takedown from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright here, now we're gonna talk about how to hit a single leg and finish it. There are a number of different finishes, the first is running the pipe, or ride the pipe. So, single leg is very easy off of the southpaw orthodox stance. So, I jab, he comes in, he grabs my leg. Okay, alright, that's when you're gonna shoot. Same thing, southpaw orthodox. I jab, and I can shoot in as well. Okay, so, either way, he jabs and shoots, or he can shoot off of my jab, either way. Or any front hand technique, I can hook, he comes under, he shoots, anyway. Okay now, after he grabs my leg, he's gonna squeeze his legs together a little okay? Now, very important, is footwork here. He's gonna smash me. See my leg here? He's gonna make that leg bend. Smash me down. See that? He smashes me down. Now he's gonna turn the corner, and throw. One more time, he shoots in, he jabs, he grabs the single. Okay, head should be here, don't put your head here. Okay, one more time, never put your head down, do it like he did. Boom! Right there, see it? Look right into my chest. Head - 'cause I'm gonna be trying to do this. Now, smash! Turn! Boom, right there. Okay, one more time. Shoots in, my jab or his jab. Boom. Smash! Ride the pipe. Again, full speed. Now. That's how you do a single leg.

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