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How to Do the Cage Fighting Tactics Clinches & Dirty Boxing

Learn the cage fighting tactics clinches and dirty boxing from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Guys, we're going to talk about dirty boxing, clinch fighting in the cage. Okay. Basic cage fighting when I'm up against the cage. But I'm going to come out here just so you can see it a little better. All right. There are three clinches in the Muay. We talked about the Muay-type clinch first. Boom! Muay-type clinch. All right. Right here. Holding him down. Throwing the knees, throwing the knees, throwing the knees. That's a great clinch.

There's another clinch. Okay. The wrestler's tie-up. This is great for grappling, a little dangerous in the Muay, but sometimes you have it because you can throw the punches here. When you do this in the Muay style, you can't be outspaced. You got to be in tight, so he doesn't punch you. Boom! Boom! Boom! Randy Couture is known for that.

Those are two clinches. They're not as common as the third clinch here. The pummel clinch. This is the most popular, most common clinch in the Muay, because I can't get hit. It's also the most common clinch in what other combat sport? Boxing. All right. Same reason. You don't get hit in the face.

Now what do I do from here. Of course, I can destabilize him to throw. We can start pummeling to work for position. Pummeling, pummeling. Working for position. See who gets the position. Right. Right. You don't want to off-balance yourself, though. Always stay balanced and leaning into him. You don't want to go too straight, because then he tips you over. Okay. You can do a judo throw., Here, I'm off-balance, Boom!, he hits a big judo throw. And that's not fun.

Okay. Here. So what do I do? I'm putting my weight on him here. Now, obviously we have needs. Chad talked about that before. But we're going to learn something really cool. High, low, high, low. So first stomp the foot. He brings his foot back. I stomp. Crack! Boom!. Okay, he starts walking in. He doesn't get kneed. When he walks in, crack! Elbow to the head. Okay. Here, one more time. Stomp, knee, bop! Knock him out! One more time.

Chad is going to do it to me. Stomp, ah, knee, oh, pull, right there. Uh, and now he takes me down. Okay. One more time. Boom! We're here. Knee, good, stomp, knee. I'm going low. I'm going low. He's forgetting that. He walks in, he doesn't like that. Crack! Okay. Also, shoulder punching. Boom! Shoulder punch. Here, here. We're clinched. He's tight. I can't get that overarm elbow. Bam! Bop! Bam! Bop! Okay.

Here, come around. Come around. We're fighting. We're fighting. Boom! Bap! Right there, elbow to the face. Low, low, boom! High, boom! High, low, boom! High. Control. One more time. Chad is going to do it to me. He hits low first. Low, low, high, bop! I'm done. Okay. Full speed now. Go. That's how you do it.

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