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How to Do a Hip Throw in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do a hip throw from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright, now we're going to talk about hip throws and one of the most underutilized, underappreciated elements in mixed martial arts is really coming in now with Ronda Rousey and some other fighters - judo. Using judo in cage fighting. If you look at Frank Mir versus Roy Nelson, it was a fight a while ago - look it up, you can see Frank did not want to shoot on Nelson because Nelson's big. So what if you used judo? Judo is great because you don't have to change level. I'm not saying one art is better than another but it's just a great option.

Let's start with the basic footwork of the hip throw. Ok guys, stay with it. Alright, okay. Guys, so, step, step. Not one step like wrestlers do. Alright? It's not wrong, but you're going to get more power. Step, pivot. Okay, you see that? Step, pivot. Step, pivot. Step, pivot. That's the footwork. Now, I'm in the clinch. Okay, it's easy. You can throw it from here but easier, punch him, get over here, step, step, pivot, hip throw. Okay? Sorry, buddy, you okay? Chad. Chad's going to go now. He's going to punch up, step, pivot, throw. Right there. One more time. Here, punch. Watch the footwork. Step, step, pivot. Okay? Hip throw. Old guso, great judo form.

Now, one thing you want to be careful not to do is this throw here, good throw, but if you mess it up he's going to get your back. Okay? And that's bad. So, I prefer to hit it from here. Is this wrong? It's not wrong but you'd better hold tight. You'd better hold tight, otherwise this happens. Chad. I go here, I mess up, ah! Yeah. So, use the under hook. Alright? Hip throw.

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