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How to Do Harai-Goshi in MMA Fighting

Learn harai-goshi from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Guys, we're going to talk about another devastating MMA throw. Really, really effective. Alright, Harai Goshi. Alright? Harai Goshi. Now, again we're in the clinch here. I'm going to do that same footwork that we did before. Here, this footwork. But, I'm going to add a step. One, pivot, two. I'm going to come out here. One, pivot, kick up.

Okay? Bam, bam, boom. Okay? When you do this throw, it's very important you don't push him back. It's about bringing him forward this way. In Japanese this is called kazushi or a bounce breaking. I need him to go this way. So, when I start out here I'm going to come and hitch in this way, hitch in this way, hitch in this way, boom. Then you throw him right there. Okay? One more time. Hitch in, hitch in forward, okay last time you can step back this way as well. Boom, this way, or this way. Okay, now I kick my leg up, ballerina toes, kick, right down. Boom, boom. You okay, Chad? That's how you do Harai Goshi.

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