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How to Do Body Clinch Moves in MMA Fighting

Learn body clinch moves from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Here we're gonna talk about some leg trips that we can do from the body clinch. Okay, here. So we're gonna clinch here, pumble position, body clinch here, over and under right. Now, the first very basic thing to do accent technique is spin around forever. Super easy, as this leg comes forward I bring the mirror side leg over and I trip... Okay. Very simple, very effective move. Mr. Hernandez wanna open up 1 of his fights with this move. Alright, so here. I want to attack the forward leg. Okay.

So he has this leg back, I'm gonna pull him forward. Okay, but I'm not gonna step too far. I'm not gonna go like this. OK what I'm gonna do is pull him, he comes forward, I take the half step, and trip. Okay. 1 more time. He has that foot forward, that's great. I'm attack, he doesn't. Alright? Right there. Now we can turn right here, control it and watch this. He attacks for a knee bar. Okay, here... Okay, now second trip. Okay, I use this leg before now here this leg is forward. Again, same trip but instead of a mirror side leg I use the other leg. So 1, 2, okay. The movement is like this. This, more, this.

Alright. Alright so insert hook with my other side. I'm actually gonna do a little keep this, same side of leg forward. Now using my weight I'm gonna bring my opponent forward then step, step. Okay? Bring my opponent forward step, step drop down and then pull. Sitting right on the leg, so with time hopefully over side but having stage side leg now drop your weigh down step, step. Right. Step, step, drop down. Those are body clinch trips from the pumble police.

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