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How to Do a Guillotine in MMA Fighting

Learn the guillotine from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Now we are gonna talk about the Guiateen. There are a lot of variations of the Guiateen. A lot of different types. I'm gonna go through a couple types right now. 'K. First your basic Guiateen. Make a fist. Grab your fist. Try not to use your thumb. 'K. Here, grab the fist. Now. I want you to pretend like your a pirate. Yo Ho Ho. OK. A bottle of rum, here. Boom. Don't do this. Inefficient. This. This. Let's do that together. Boom.

Against your body. Boom. Traditional Guiateen finish. As if you're doin' the thinker. 'K. For all those educated people out there. Boom. Boom. This way. Boom. Boom. Traditional Guiateen. He shoots in. Boom. I get the Guiateen, square up, yo ho ho. He attacks. On this side. He shoots. Boom. Come in. Square up. Yo Ho Ho. Now. You can do that with the arm in or the arm out. So.

Arm out here. Arm in here. OK. Again. Yo Ho Ho. And you attack. With this grip. With the arm in there are other variations. You can do these grips too. Or. 'K. Watch. Now we get really interesting. A lot of other variations. The second variation. The bar Guiateen. We're up here. And I punch this over this way. But instead of doing the Yo Ho Ho right here, what I do is I punch this over. And I pull. Yo Ho Ho. So there's a little intermediary step. Let's show it on this side. Bar Guiateen. He shoots. This hits his bar, right here. Punch over so you have to come back a little. Punch over. Yo Ho Ho. 'K. Two Guiateens. Traditional and bar. There are many others. The Makenzatine. All right. 'K. Pull. It's sorta of like this Guiateen in that you come back, but you push. In a prayer position, and push. So we have three Guiateen's now. Traditional. Bar. Makenzatine. Try it on this side. Traditional. Bar. Makenzatine. All right. Three, awesome Guiateen's. Now all of them you can jump to the guard and finish standing.

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