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How to Do Rear Naked Choke (RNC) Back Control Submission

Learn the back control submission rear naked choke (RNC) from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


We're going to talk about the rear naked choke, in Portuguese, the Mate Leone, the Lion Killer. We do the choke from here. Now, lets talk about what not to do. Alright, so we've all heard this.

Now, this is a neanderthal choke, not to say it doesn't work, but we've moved beyond that, we're more technical, more advanced, more leverage. Watch again. So, my hand doesn't go behind his head like this, it goes to my shoulder and I tuck. Why? I do this, he's going to grab my glove, and once he has that glove, it's very hard to finish the choke, he's going to pull it off. Bringing the arm to the other side of his head and now there's no way I can choke him. Very hard. Alright, this happens to a lot of fighters doing that choke. Not to say it's wrong, it's not, it's just a little insufficient. Alright, so what am I going to do? First, snake around here, here at this control, keep me on the ground too, see right here.

Chad, pull on my arm as hard as you can. You see how he's pulling on my arm, he can pull as hard as he wants on my arm, he'll never get that off, because I have this here. He's going to try and grab my hand. Boom, I punch it off. Go, go boom, punch it off. Boom, punch it off. X marks the spot. Slide, grab your shoulder tuck. Chad, try and pull my hands out. Nothing happening. And I squeeze. One more time, Chad is going to choke me. He gets that sneak around my body. See, he's got this control here. He peels my hand off. Makes X mark the spot. Slides, tucks to the head, and finishes. Alright one more time. Here. Boom. Like this. This position, broken harness, X marks the spot, slide, tuck. Okay, now what did I say, I said broken harness.

This is the harness and we'll talk about that soon. This is the position, here, we're going to talk about then ground control, broken harness, this is that snake position here, X marks the spot, this hand in front, slide, tuck your head, he's not going anywhere. One more time. Broken harness, X marks the spot, slide, finish. Again, he starts grabbing your hand, peel it off. Just like that. One more time, full speed. On the ground. That's how you do the rear naked choke.

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