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How to Do the Side Control to Mount & Mount to Back MMA Move

Learn side control to mount and mount back from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Position, transitioning on the ground. First, let's talk about philosophy and theory. What is Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu? It's a grappling art, but we don't just go for submissions. We don't just grab an arm, break it, ba, ba, ba. That's not how jiu-jitsu thinks. Jiu-jitsu thinks about position, before submission. The submission is a consequence of the submission. Particularly in MMA, all right? I don't need to submit him with an arm lock or choke. I can just bam, all right? I don't need to, it's all about efficiency, okay?

So, but what's the best position in MMA? Many people say the mount, but it's not. The best position in jiu-jitsu is the back mount. Here, right here, boom, this. Turning him over like this. This is where, all right? That's the worst position for him; the best for me. So, what really is jiu-jitsu? It's about dominating positionally, and getting to the back mount. That's what jiu-jitsu is; the back or the back mount. Back mount is better.

So, how do I do that? All right. I just took Chad down, just took him down. Okay, I am gonna transition to side control. Arm over, scoot up, under hook, establish your side control pin. This is the first in the hierarchy of position, the first level - side control.

Now, the next level is mount him. Side control is good, mount is better. So, I'm gonna bring my knee over like this, open him up, slide my knee into his arm pit, not here, into his arm pit, kick down and I'm in the mount, okay?

How do I get to the back? I'm gonna punch him, okay? Ring my body around in a savage dispositon - the Cobra, okay? Punch him, if you're just grappling you do this choke here. Boom, tap him, bam. Boom, switch it fast, tap it. Boom, right here.

Another entry - Americana. I'm going for the lock, I drop down here all these entries.

The last one is, the Hook, here. The Captain of the hook. Grab here, flex, glide my shoulder down, drive that arm up, okay? Now, it looks like I'm gonna do a choke, but I'm not. I'm just gonna get here. Now, this is a really good position, but it's not the best yet. One, two, three, here, boom. I push him this way. Push him, push him, push him, push him. Get my hooks in and I'm right here, bam, bam, bam, bam. That's how I get there. One more time, side control. That's the hierarchy of position.

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