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How to Do Attacking the Turtle Taking the Back MMA Technique

Learn techniques to take the back from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video, part one of two.


Now, we're gonna talk about another way to take the back off of the sprawl; very, very effective, attacking the turtle. So, this is a consequence of a successful sprawl. So, Chad shoots in, bam, I sprawl.

Now, he's in this position. This is what we call 'turtle'. We're gonna attack it, okay? So, one more time. He shoots in, boom, I sprawl.

All right, now, how do I attack here? The first thing is, I'm gonna rotate. I have to learn how to rotate around this way, this way, rotate, keeping your chest. Not this, rotating around.

Now, there are many ways to attack. We're gonna do one basic one for MMA. Take your hand. Stick it inside his arm, groin right at the joint, right there. That's called the 'spiral', originally a wrestling move.

This knee is up. This position is called 'knee base'. I have a very good base here and I'm on one knee - 'knee base'. Spiral, knee base, pull. Bam, bam, bam. Boom, bam, boom.

Pull, push, stick your foot in. Dive over, into that position we did before the 'harness' here. Fist, dive on to your shoulder, broken harness, X. Finish the choke. He taps.

Okay. One more time. Okay, he shoots in. I sprawl. I sprawl. I rotate around. He's tight. He's tight. Spiral, punch, punch, knee, pull, push, foot, fist. As you grab your fist, go on your shoulder, not on your back.

Boom. Right there. Broken harness, broken harness, X, slide, finish.

That's how you attack a 'turtle'.

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