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Around the World Taking the Back Technique for MMA Fighting

Learn techniques to take the back from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video, part two of two.


All right, guys. Now we're going to do another back take.

As I said before, jujitsu is about position. What's the best position? The back. So that's what we're always going to look for. I just took Chad down. I'm inside control. Chad is going to start to escape. He's going to get an underhook, something like that. He's going to start to escape. He comes up. I spin around. Boom. Right here. See where I am? I'm spinning around here. Right to his back.

Do that on the other side. Here he gets an underhook. He starts coming up. I spoon around this way, weight down. Just like I was doing side control on the other side, but notice my weight is going here. Now I establish that harness. Make the fist underneath his head. Grab your fist. Beautiful. Everything's good. Boom. Knee in. Knee over. Push. Now, I can finish him here, but he's going to resist. He's going to resist. I sit on my butt, and I get my hooks in, and I'm right here, where you make the choke.

Again, one more time. So, side control. He starts escaping. Pull. Spin around. Spin around, weight comes down. Now I establish the harness. Fist. Grab. Pressure. Step over. Knee to your elbow. Here, push, push, push. He resists. I sit on my butt. My back is not on the floor. Two hooks. Here, come back down. Where do I go now? Broken harness. X marks the spot. Finish the choke.

If he starts fighting here, turn him over. You got it. That's another way to take the back. Around the world. Spinning around your opponent.

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