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How to Do 3 Side Control Escapes in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do side control escapes from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video, part two of two.


Alright guy. Now, we had escape one and two. Now we're going to go to escape three, four and five. Each escape has their own name. Alright?

Now, one and two work really well when your arms are free. But watch this. Chad is going to lock me up really tight. He's going to get a tight underhook. So I can't get this arm in. I can't get the under hook. It's totally stuck. If I start moving it around I'm actually going to get submitted. Alright? Here. Push in. Your wrist lock. Everything stuck tight. So I have another arm. This arm goes in here and it's also stuck right now. So that's the key, using this arm.

Escape number three. Put your knee down, put your arm like this. See that? Put your knee down. Pop his leg over. One more time. Here. My knee goes here, pop the leg over and we have this. Twist his leg a little. Come back to guard. Now, this escape is not very common in a lot of schools because they do it wrong. It has a lot of danger if you do it wrong. Okay. Watch. I do this. Right? And I open up space. Chad is going to take his arm and bring his arm underneath and grab my arm and do a butcher choke. Or even worse. As I'm putting here he's going to get his top crucifix. Cross his feet. Come up so they can see. My arm is stuck. This is very bad and now he can elbow me in the face. Very bad, very bad. So must be like this, this way. So here, boom. So it can not be controlled. Here. Escape number three.

Now, escape number four and five. I go for escape three. He defends. I grab my foot. Stick it in. When we do this it's called the jailbreak. So watch. Escape number three. My arm comes in. Boomn. He runs away. Grab my foot. Slide in, come back to guard. That's escape number four. Okay.

Escape number three, escape number four. This fails. He doesn't come at me. Now, I'm going to do escape number five. The ghost. Okay. Escape number three fails, escape number four fails, escape number five, right to his back.
Okay. Three, four, five together. Three, four, five. Those are the combinations.

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