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How to Do Scarf Hold Escapes in MMA Fighting

Learn scarf hold escapes from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright guys. Now, we're gonna do the basic headlock or scarf hold escape.

Alright. So, first of all basics. Okay. Never do this pin. A lot of you juto guys or wrestlers are gonna say, "What are you talking about? This is my bread and butter." Okay. Now, first of all, I can't hit him if both of my hands are occupied. I can't submit him. Alright? There's this stuff. But the minute I let go of this, watch what happens. He drops his elbow. He scoots his head out. He comes up, get's his harness. He gets his foot over. I'm choked out. Very bad. Very, very bad, and that is why we don't do this pin.

Watch again. Okay. Here. Don't do this. And the minute I try and go for something, elbow down. He shucks, comes out, leg over, chokes me out. Very, very dangerous. Now you're saying, "What if I just hold him?" Okay. Watch this. Okay. Alright. So I'm just holding him here. Chad is gonna lock up really tight around my neck. Towards my neck. Good. Hugging me down. He's gonna walk towards me. He's gonna pop this way. And he come up, takes my back and chokes me out. Again. Pops up, rolls me over, chokes me out. If I actually try and submit him, if I actually try and submit him, elbow down. He scoots his head out, gets hook over, chokes me out. Don't do that pin. Gonna be in trouble.

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