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How to Escape Back Attacks in MMA Fighting

Learn how to escape back attacks from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Guys now we are gonna do basic escapes from the back attacks. 'K. The first, Chad has those hooks in. He's choking me out. He's choking me out. Here. All Right. So respect the choke. Always, respect the choke. 'K. If he doe,s choke the wrong way. Pull it off. OK. That's great. Pull. Turn. Easy. 'K He does the choke the wrong way. He brings his hand up here. Pull it off. Hold it. Boom. Put your pressure on it. Turn. Boom.

OK. Easy. Now if he does the choke the right way. Respect. Take this hand. Push the foot down. Sit on it. Now he is gonna try to mount you. You've gotta stop him. I'd like to stop him with my leg. Right. Sit out. Sit out. Come up the side control if you can. If you can't and he comes up. Use that hook to establish a control. 'K. Two escapes again. [Pause] Chocking correctly. Boom [Pause] Choke correctly. Boom. Lock. Come up if you can. If you can't, pulse [SP] him before he takes you back. Turn him. 'K. He's trying to attack my ? He's on this side, easiest escape is to roll over, come back into guard. Or, sometimes triangle. So three escapes. First.

That's how you escape the back attack.

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