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How to Do Basic Passing the Open Guard MMA Techniques

Learn how to do passing the open guard techniques from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video, part one of two.


All right guys now were are gonna talk about passing the open guard. I'd prefer to pass than to break the guard, with the standing guard break, or punch my way through the guard. I don't like to break the guard sitting as much as possible. So that leaves me standing, in the person's open guard. So. We have a lot of different standing guard breaks.

Here...Here...Here. Now. He has open guard. Basic passing. Toria. Very basic. Stepping to the side. Step in. Go right here near the belt. OK. Step to the side. Near the belt. Step. Step step... If you have his feet, that's OK too. Here, don't do this. Step. Step step. 'K. Now. We are gonna use that same step. Exact same step in a little bit more advanced way. OK. Same step. But I'm gonna switch to, he's kicking me. And switch the one leg. And step in this way. Pull. This like so. Here. Here. ? faster than ? Here. Boom. Find your leg control. Here. Shin control. Here. Both landing in the inner belt.

That's our first way of passing the open guard.

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