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How to Do Advanced Passing the Open Guard MMA Techniques

Learn how to do passing the open guard techniques from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video, part two of two.


All right guys. Now, we have basic passing of the guard, now we'll do a little bit more advanced. First the position, the same footwork we just used. This side footwork, but, I'm going to step in like this, this way. So it looks like knee on the belly [sounds like], except I'm here. Okay, this is the style of passing of a lot of Sao Paulo Jujitsu players, this is the Sao Paulo style of passing.

So like this step here, except I step here. Boom, I'm right here, very powerful position. I can pass many ways. Drop down, if he get's he knee in that's okay, slide out. Spin around, take his back, knee over, choke him out.

One more time, here he's kicking up, he's kicking up, step in, boom, he get's his knee in. That's, okay. Slide out, here. Now there's another way. [??], okay, leg drag passive, very popular. Same step idea, but, as I step I get here to this position. Before I got here, now I get here, and I drop down. BJ Penn uses this all the time. Okay, I can pass many ways here. Thigh control, I switch it, he fights, to [??]. Okay, so, let's go over that again... That's how you pass the open guard in an advanced way.

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