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How to Do Scarf Attacks in MMA Fighting

Learn scarf attacks from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right guys. Now we're gonna have an attack from Scarf Hold. OK. We talked about, in the video, never do this position. So what do we do? We do this. Here. This is a much better pin. 'K. In Judo wrestling they bend their legs like this. Not wrong. Very good for the pin. But is makes you stiff and not able to manipulate from submission. 'K. So. Better to bend your knee here. 'K. It's OK if you wanna pin him to bring him straight. So here. Now. The easiest thing to do, most basic attack is the Kimura. I pull his elbow up. 'K. Bring my knee in.

Come around. Reach around here. Start coming over his head. finish the Kimura. 'K. Also notice they got out. 'K. One more time. Boom. Boom. Boom. If this hand is here, don't reach back. Push with your head. Pressure. Elbow on the floor. Step over. Finish it. Add a little twist here. Add a little twist here. Make sure it's not straight. That's a straight arm lock. Bend them. Like this. That's attack number one. but everything is combinations. So I'm going here, he's resisting. He's resisting. He starts pulling that arm in. I push his head down and lay out my hand like this. 'K. Like your watching T.V. Watching Jay Leno, on the T.V. Turning the channel, here. Leg over. Pull his elbow up. Clap your hands. Break his arm. Here. Here. Here. Here. Two attacks. [Pause] Two attacks from Scarf Hold. Very effective.

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