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Double Attack Mount or Stabilizing Mount in MMA Fighting

Learn the double attack mount, or stabilizing mount, from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright guys now we're going to talk about again combinations from the mount. OK, so first easiest submission Americana push the arms down, drop your elbow, come under, shift a little bit, twist your wrists, pull his wrists down and pull up. Pull down and slightly up. You always want to pull the elbow this way to the ribs and then pull up. Don't pull up here.

OK. Here shift a little, motorcycle your hands like you're riding a motorcycle, pull the elbow in and then pull up. Now he's going to start defending I can of course go to the cobra and take the back, but if I really see him turn over alright, I can hit an arm bar and this is very important guys I always want to look for the arm bar where he's like this. OK, because it's very hard for him to pull out. Come over, squeeze my legs, twist his wrist, finish. One more time look for the Americana he starts defending drop he turns, push the head, knee behind the head, elbow right here. Very tight. Shift. Pull his head in, finish the emperor. That the double attack from mount.

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