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How to Do Standard Guard Tactics in MMA Fighting

Learn standard guard tactics from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right guys, now we're gonna talk about one of my favorite subjects, fighting off your back in the guard. Now I, personally, have a leg injury that I suffered from a car accident. So I was forced to become a guard fighter, because I could not establish the top position. So, I have a few tricks I'd like to show you.

Let's talk about principals first. When you're in the guard, do not let your opponent posture. Do not let him up there. If he is postured, open your guard, open your guard, open your guard, push him off. Do not stay in the closed guard, with a postured opponent, okay? Absolutely, really important. For those Jiu Jitsu Gi fighters out there, all right? Time for you to stop grabbing here, and start pulling him in. You must break the posture.

All right, now, after I break the posture, let's talk about tactics, okay? Let's talk about tactics. I don't want to see too much of this. It's good, but it's very easily countered, okay? Very easily countered. Now, there's only so much I can do with this hand. Eventually, the sweat and everything, he's gonna come up and he starts hitting me with that elbow, right? He postures up completely, and now I'm back where I started, okay?

So, let's talk about how to hold the guard. Boom, here, okay? First position, shift out, get your head underneath his armpit. Underneath his armpit. Bring your knee as close to your elbow as you can. Here, the Snake. Snake. Snake your hand in. Punch me, Chad. Very hard to punch. He punches in. It becomes a good attack for me to launch arm vice, okay? That's the first control position, the Snake.

The second control position, okay? The Damn Good Guard. Obviously, because it's good, okay? Hold your wizard here. That's very important. If your hand is down here, he's gonna pull his arm out, okay? So, I've got to bring my hand up and grab my pec, or even higher. Grab my pec and, also, bring your knee up. Right. Now, he starts posturing. The more he postures, the more I can let this knee in and start looking for my triangle. Looking for this position, here, okay? Be careful not to let this hand fall down. He's gonna get it out, okay?

So, we have the Snake. The Damn Good Guard. Now, we have another one. The Rubber Guard, Eddie Bravo's system, here, excellent system, Rubber Guard, look it up, beautiful system.

Now, we have another system, the Lister. Hand under here, underneath your knee. It's like Damn Good Guard, but this comes here. Grab his shoulder, cross your feet, clap your hands, clap your hands, put your elbow in his face. This hand should not go to you, it should go away from you. Punch me in the face, Chad, posture up. Okay, I'm using this leverage. If he does get posture, if he does get posture, sweep him over.

Now, the last control, my personal favorite, the Rat Guard. Watch that again, hand on the head. Boom. Here. Punch me as hard as you can, Chad. I'm gonna let him punch me. Here go. Okay, now, watch how I play it. A few ways to control your opponent, with his posture controlled in the guard.

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