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How to Do Kimura in MMA Fighting

Learn kimura from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright guys so about the kimura from the close guard. Now there's two variations if you're a traditional kimura which done at an angle, we'll show you set up for that one. Second one is a what we referred to as a jakuray kimura which is more flat on your back. So aside from the close guard traditional kimura assuming of course that first is first I have the pastejo I can perform the sweep, the, drive in.

The main thing he's going to try to defend once he has that defense he is going to immediately grab the wrist ankle right into my kimura. Now tradition is I want this angle so using this leg here place it on the hip or if I can on the foot here, whatever's best, turn this angle, block keeping the arm tight, his elbow to my face bringing the wrist to his head very slowly. Basic kimura there okay? So again to the head I go front here either fence and go right into this kimura grip using the same side leg here placing it on the hip on this leg, turn the angle and keeping his arm tight bring the wrist to hid head. That's one. Two, trap the right kimura.

Let's do this on the rapa. Posture control, rapa okay now with this hand I'm going to keep right between his body and start establishing that same kimura grip but now we're going to stay flat on our back. Using my legs and arms I'm going to stretch him into different directions keeping the arm tight but now using my legs to stretch him down. This elbow which is over his shoulder will apply pressure and then perform the 6. That's it. One more time. Posture control, grab guard, establish your kimura grip, stretch him, submit. Kimura from post guard.

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