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How to Do the Finishing the Triangle MMA Technique

Learn how to do the finishing the triangle technique from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right guys. Now. We got to the pre-triangle position. Now let's finish it. [Pause] Boom. Here. First. I do not wanna let him posture. Bring him down. Here. The first thing I'm gonna do is attack this arm. Come over, lock my hands. Reach over here like this. Finish it this way. Rali Estima Style Rali, famous fighter. This way. Boom. He's gonna straighten it out. Boom. Finish it again. Pull it across. Grab your shin. Adjust. Lock it up. Now. There are a lot of guys who are gonna try to stack you, finish you here. This is no good. We are gonna do a Helio Soneca finish. Grabbing your shin. Now. If he's back here and I can't reach this leg, I 'm gonna grab his shoulder. Take the hook. Come over, and attack. Finished with the arm work. OK. If he drives in really hard I'm gonna grab this leg. Same thing.

He falls over, taps, and I have that arm. Prefer to let go, but to not let go. Finish it there. 'K. One more time guys. I'm in the pre-triangle. You can get the pre-triangle many ways. You can dam the guard. Lizard. [Pause] 'K. Snake. I'm here. Attack the arm. Pull. This way or this way. Around the ? step. One. He attacks here. Target upwards. Upwards. No. He wants to straighten his arm. Finish it here. Crunch in. He's gotta pull it across. Pull the arm across. Grab your shin. Shift. Lock your feet. Not this way. This way. OK. Control finish here but he's gonna stack. Grab your shin, underneath his shoulder. Finish. Tip. ? Come back. If he drives in hard enough, grab the shoulder. Grab the leg. Tip him over. Finish the ? Two great masters showing two great ways to finish. Rali Estima, world champion, and Elio Soneca. Both of those are their variations which I put together.

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