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How to Do an Arm Bar in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do the arm bar from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright guys. Now I'm going to talk about arm bars from the guard. Now, arm bar is a very widely used technique, but if you use it wrong, you get stacked or ground pounded. I'm going to show you how not to use it first. Okay. Okay. Don't do this. Don't do this. Okay? You have to break the posture first. Break the posture. Shift out. Lock over his shoulder. This is a type of high guard. Or, if Chad gets a really big punch, here. Gets a really big punch. I'm going to block it. Just like I blocked Muy Thai. Right? Bring it over. Control the posture. And come up. Okay? One more time. Chad punches. He comes around. Boom. I let it slide over. Boom, I'm here. Right. He starts bringing his arm back. Before he does, I come over his shoulder. To this position. High guard.

Squeeze your legs. Now you can grab the arm. I prefer to grab my shin and pull it really tight. Bring the arm over. Now. He's going to stack in. Bridge up on one shoulder this way. If he still doesn't tack, right. Sometimes things happen. He'll pull his arm out. Go to the. Bend. Punch. Beat. Maybe you missed the arm. Come up. Boom, boom, boom. Take the back.

Okay, one more time. ... He's punching. Boom. Pull it across. Hug him. Shift. High guard. Grab your shin. Boom. Now keep this foot not down here. Here. Tight, here. He drives in. Bridge. Look at my bridge. Chad, punch me with your free hand. See that? I'm bridging this shoulder up. Finishing. If it doesn't happen, we'll kick then, finish him. Right? Finish him. Boom. He gets his arm out, maybe. That's okay. We're right in this spiral position. Boom, boom. Boom. Take the back. [pause]

That's how you're going to do the arm bar from the guard.

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