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How to Do the Rolling Arm Bar in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do the rolling arm bar from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right, guys. Now, we're going to do some really interesting arm-bar variations. We have a rolling arm-bar. Pioneered originally by a judo man in the '60s named Yaskevich. But Brazilian jiu-jitsu has taken a lot of different directions. We have some very cool variations to show you. All right, here.

First, we're going to guard. Now, the first thing I want to do, Chad is postured. If he's postured, I need to keep my back up off the floor. Chad, punch me. See, I'm here like this. My head's off the floor, but my back is off the floor. Now, I break him down. A lot of times, I'll get an under hook or an overhook. Maybe I'll have the rack guard. And I'll have the overhook or again, the underhook. But start with the underhook.

I have the underhook. I'm going to hip out. Slide my legs under and sandwich them together. Sandwich them like this. This is a compression arm bar here. There. Nice finish. But a lot of times, he gets out. And I'm going to roll over. Okay.

Now, here, one more time. Boom. I bring him in, underhook. Hip escape, slide the knee under. Compress your legs together. Compress. Boom. Now, he gets out. I turn onto my head. My knee comes down and I roll all the way over. Pull his foot. Hold onto his foot and finish.

Now, Chad is going to show you a great variation of this. Not from the underhook, but the overhook. Chad has the overhook. He sandwiches me together with his legs, grabs his arms in a lock. Perfect. I can't pull out. Especially if I have a (?). He turns, drops this front knee on the floor. Beautiful. He turns. If I roll with him, we wind up here, foot in my face.


Two great rolling arm bar variations.

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