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Passing & Striking from Half Guard Top in MMA Fighting

Learn passing and striking from half guard top from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right guys. Now I'm gonna talk about half guard top position. Right. So. Chad escaped somehow, to half guard top which is, one leg between his legs. And there are a lot of ways to lock up the half guard. First the basic way. Right. OK. Now we're gonna pass the half point. First I want to add some strikes. So. What I am gonna do is I'm gonna compress my body forward like his, control here. Put my elbow on his face. Boom. Boom. Now try and come up Chad. It's very hard. This elbow here makes it very difficult. OK. Now. I'm gonna pass. So here. Here, I'm gonna lock up, underneath his head. Turn his head this way. I'm gonna turn his head this way. Walk.

Get my hook. Come up. Drop my knee. Grab the arm. Pass through. OK one more time. He has the lock on my leg. Elbow in his throat. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Starts moving. i give the under-hook. OK. I take my crawl space and turn his head. I walk my feet over, get my hook. And slide my knee out. Pass this way. Or, sometimes if he won't let go of my foot. He won't let go of my foot, that's OK. I slide my knee over. [Pause]. 'K. Now. Last situation. He's gonna do the lock-down, which is a more, type of control on my leg. That makes it difficult. Look what I do with my legs. Still strike. Boom. Boom. But if I wanna pass, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna turn his head. But before that I look this way. I look this way. And turn my leg. Turn my leg this way. Kick up. Now. I turn to get my hook in. Watch again. Tight Chad. Tight. Tight. Very Tight. I turn up. Get my foot hook in as I turn the other way. Pass. That's passing the half guard top.

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