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How to Do 2 Half Guard Basics in MMA Fighting

Learn about two half guard basics from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right guys. Now we're going to talk about half guard bottom defense and sweeps, but first, let's talk about position. Remember jiu-jitsu is position before submission. Two positions, okay. First, half guard position. Okay, I have one leg controlled. I prefer to control in a lock down. One leg over his leg, under your leg. Bring your leg, inside leg, under his. Watch again. My outside leg goes over, under my thigh. Inside leg goes under his leg and I stretch both equally this way, as I squeeze my knees together.

Now, this is not good. He's got the under hook. He's going to put his elbow on my face and he's going to make my life very difficult by striking me. So I can't allow that. I can't allow that. I need to get an under hook on the same side that I have a leg out. Whatever leg is out, that's the side you get the under hook.

You have many ways to do it. You can go like this, or I like to do it a little bit more muay thai style, cupping the head. Turn the head. Turn the head. If he gets his elbow in your throat. Pull the elbow. Put your elbow here. Pummel out. Right? Again. (?) Pummel out. Boom. Turn the head. See how I turn the head? Turn the head. Turn the head. Elbow in his face. Come and get the under hook. Shift to your side. This is fundamental position number one. Get him locked here, or here.

Now, this next one. I was taught to it by Elio Seneca. Fundamental position number two. This position here. However, some people get this here like this. This is bad for MMA because he's going to be hitting me like crazy with this hand. Elbows, elbows. And I don't have a good control here. He might even come over with an elbow here . So I always have to do this over hook grip. How do I establish that? Here. So I'm here. I can't get my lock down. I can't get my lock down. So I hip out and bring my feet in. Cross my feet here. Block here, like that. See that? Now, I can bring my hand over. If he doesn't do anything, I come up and take his back.

Now, fundamental one. I'm here. He's flat. Leg over, under mine. Stretch the legs. Turn his head. Under hook, and I'm good. The second position. I don't get the lock down. I don't get the lock down. So I hip escape out, holding him tight. Slide my knee in. Cross my feet. Push and hold tight. Under hook in again and I go back to fundamental one. Those are the two start positions for whatever we want to do in half guard.

Next, we'll talk about sweeps.

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