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How to Do Half Guard Sweeps in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do half guard sweeps from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Now, we're going to talk about half guard sweeps. After we establish those fundamental positions. Alright. First sweep is this under, keeping underneath. Okay. So I have the lock down position. I have the fundamental position number one. I'm hugging here two, like Eddie Bravo. So the first thing any Bravo likes to go to the old school, where he'll grab the foot. Right technique. I like to dive a little deeper. Pushing my shoulder in. Now I roll over. Rolling over here. Immediately come up. Back step out. Control. Pin. Okay. That's the first sweep. I learned it in Brazil so I call it the Brasilero of Brazil Sweep. Right? So just rolling on the sweep. Every Brazilian jujitsu fighter does this. Okay?

Here. Again. I'm in this position, I dive. I push my shoulder this way. And I roll over. Okay. Come back. Now. He will counter this by either sprawling or basing. So I'm going to roll. He's going to sprawl or base. So I'm going to come right here, my hand up here, pull my leg out. Hook his leg here. And this is the dog pipe. But what you have to watch out here, is Chad might kick his leg up, and flip you over. He could make me smash on my head. And that's not good. That's not good. And it hurts. It's right like this. Chad, smash me. And I keep walking forward, this way. Walking this way.

The first thing I'm going to do is grab his knee, and take him down. The second thing I'm going to do. He defends. I reach over his head, cement mixer down. Back step out. Okay?

The last technique I'm going to do, it's a specialty of mine, okay, here. One, two, take this hand, reach here. Lock your feet up. Start turning this foot this way. Turn the foot this way. Okay. Turn the foot this way. Roll. Shoot your head. Okay. Let's do the whole thing again.

Half guard sweeps.

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