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How to Do Butterfly Guard Attacks in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do butterfly guard attacks from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


We're going to do some butterfly sweeps. Now, what the butterfly sweep movement is going to be this. You're going to be here in this position and you're going to fall this way. Don't fall on your back for these sweeps. Don't fall on your back. Fall on your shoulder and extend. That's what you want to do. Fall this way, bam. Okay? You don't want to fall on your back. Now there's a lot of variations. We're going to show you a couple. And we're going to start out from that half guard fundamental two position. Okay, so, first, Chad is going to demonstrate this move. He's going to start out from the knee shield, the half guard fundamental number two position here. He's got the whizzer here. So remember we talked about that, this position? Now he's going to take his foot and put it in here again his hook. Okay? Right here. Right here. See what he did? Now he's going to be very tight with this whizzer, with this overhook on my arm. He's going to push me back slightly, and bring his chin right behind my head. And see how he's on his elbow? This is key. His chin is right on my head. I can't posture. I can't punch him. Okay, junior, let's do that again. Okay. Foot in, push me back, come up, chin on my back. Now he falls. He sweeps, right to here. Okay. Beautiful little sweep. Okay. Can also be done from damn good guard. We talked about this guard, remember, here? Got the overhook here, from guard. Watch what Chad does with my foot. He gets his foot here, he stretches my leg out, gets his hook, pushes me back, comes into that same position, tucks his foot and falls. Right. Okay. Two butterfly sweeps, off of your elbow.

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