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How to Do De La Riva Guard Attacks in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do De La Riva guard attacks from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


What we are gonna do is De la riva guard. Alright? This is very useful especially the Diaz brothers make really good use of it. You have to be careful though, because there are punches.

Now, alright. Here. Chad is standing over me, and I am here. Now I wanna establish control. But the minute I establish control I loose some protection of my head. So, if I just do this, he's gonna punch me. That's not good. So, I'm gonna establish one foot on his hip, one foot here protecting my face. Immediately when I bring that around I'm gonna stretch him around like that. You see how I did that? I brought it around, and I stretched. And try punching Chad. Even if you can turn, very hard.

Now I bring it back. Right here I stand up. Okay. One more time. Okay. So I'm here, protecting my face. Okay. Grab, protect your face. Spin, stretch, he comes back. Here. Push. Pull. Push, pull. Woah. Tuck your foot. Stand up. Immediately get ready to pass. Okay.

We have one other option. You can come up for the single leg. In the sport jujitsu, a lot of people will come up like this. You will get crushed, in a MMA like this. You never come up like this in an MMA. Okay. I'm gonna come up, here, behind, him.

De la riva. Was that two sweeps from the Dela Heva.

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