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How to Do a Straight Ankle Lock in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do the straight ankle lock from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right, guys. Now we're going to talk about an ankle lock and foot locks in general in MMA.

Now, all right. One thing is if you mess up an ankle lock you'll be in a very bad position and they'll punch you. So watch. I sit back. I come up. He comes up and you start punching. This is bad.

So all right. There's a couple ways to avoid this. First, okay, I'm going to start standing here. Here. Reach around the foor. Step in hard and controlling the other foot, controlling the other foot. Controlling the other foot. Bring your leg around and reap. Reap that leg tight and bring it underneath.

So let's watch what I'm doing here. Reap this leg around tight. And turn his leg this way so his knee's facing that way. And my feet are nicely locked and I clamp my legs together as tight as I can, hiding also this heel underneath him. Try and come up, Chet. Good. Here.

Now, okay. The mistake of the ankle lock is just to squeeze, squeeze. No. Let's go back to this one. Okay. What I want to do is put all my weight back against here before I even submit. If you try and go back here, nothing will happen. I'm going to move, move, move. Shimmy back. Okay. Put. Touching the back of my shoulder to his big toe so till I have no more room. Now, okay. Right here I'm going to shimmy back, turn down, and arch as I turn. Can also go this way. Turn down and arch up. Okay. Squeezing in. Making his foot do this, this, and then back. This first, then back. Not just back. This, then back.

So, one more time. Controlling both knees. Lock it up, sit back, reap, squeeze tight. Grab the shin, shimmy back. He's already tapping, turn, already tapping. I clamp down this leg, shimmy, clamp, arch. That's how you do an ankle lock in MMA.

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