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How to Do a Heel Hook in MMA Fighting

Learn how to do the heel hook from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right, now we're gonna talk about a heel hook in MMA. And, again, what you want to think of is not getting punched in the face, not giving up a good position for a heel hook. You also want to turn his knee, to reap the knee as much as possible, and squeeze your leg.

Okay. The key to any leg lock is the leg squeeze, but I'm gonna reap. A lot of people just reap, and they forget the leg squeeze, and he turns out. Right. Okay? So, you have to establish the reap over, and the leg squeeze, really tight. Now, unlike the ankle lock, I'm not gonna come here, I'm gonna gable grip my hands, clapping like this. Turn this way, then turn back this, okay?

Turning, submit him, not with your arms, submit him with your core, with your core, okay? One more time. From the beginning. Boom. I like to set it from here. Boom, boom. Control one leg, squeeze, squeeze, reap, squeeze, turn. Make sure the leg is completely bent, and squeeze. If it's straight, he's gonna come out. Squeeze, clamp, turn your hips this way, and then back. You can also be like this, this way.

That's how you do a heel hook in MMA.

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