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How to Do the Rat Guard & Rubber Guard Basics in MMA

Learn the rat guard & rubber guard basics from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright guys. Now, I'm going to talk about the rack guard which is kind of my signature position. It comes from an old judo move that I modified. It's kind of like doing a bad guillotine except there's a lot of controls. Right? A lot of people are starting to do it right now. It's even been used in the FC quite a bit. A lot of guys are seeing it. What you find is a lot of people posture that don't posture. They come up. So it's a perfect move for an opponent who didn't posture. Alright?

So here I'm going to show you a lot of variations of it. So I break the posture. Boom. Control him. Boom. Push the head under here. Now, I'm just going to go through a few variations and transitions to different guards. First, he comes up. He comes up and I can hit the sweep. Okay. Very simple. Okay. Here again, he tries to come up. Boom. I hit the sweep. He defends and we have a guillotine choke.

Okay. Let's do that again. I come up. Sit back. Guillotine choke. Okay. Chad, can I borrow you for a second? Okay. Boom. He's going to try and come up. Boom. Boom. Guillotine. If he's not tapping, if he's not tapping, I take this hand, bring it under, lock my hands, base my foot, flip him over. Okay. At no point did he punch me.

Now, when can you do this? Okay. I'm trying to get here. Okay. He's not letting me. He's not letting me. He's not letting me. He's not letting me. Watch this. Okay. Boom. Pulling his head. Pulling his head. Boom. He doesn't know which way you're going to go. You can grab like this, like this or sometimes like this. Okay. Now. Chad is going to stack into me. He's going to stack into me. He's going to stack into me. Here. Now, what I do is I immediately start attacking his feet, stick my feet inside here, come up into that sweep that we did before. So I'm right here in that sweep that we did before. Of course I can sweep you.

Okay. Chad pulls out now. He pulls out and I can establish the rubber guard here, a very dominant position in MMA. So you have three options. Sweep. Sweep to guillotine to sweep. He stacks. He stacks. I start getting my butterfly hooks in. Boom and I sweep. Another option. Okay. He starts scooting out. He scoots out. He scoots out. Rubber guard. Finished.

So just a small part of the rack guard system. If you want to learn more come to my web site.

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