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How to Do a Wide Grip Push-Up

Learn how to do a wide grip push-up from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home chest workout for men video from Howcast.


Hey guys. This is Max Tapper again, for HowCast. Today I'm going to show you how to do a wide grip push up.

Obviously wide grip has to do with your hands, so that just means where you're placing your hands. They're going to be a lot wider than they would be if you were doing a close grip push up. The reason for that is, when your hands are wider, you're going to be working the bulk of your chest. Hands are closer, you're going to be working a little more shoulders, triceps, and your chest as well. If your goal is to get the bulk of your chest, the wide grip push up is going to be the best. Follow me.

This is our positioning. Straight body, like a plank. Not sinking, not piked up. Hands are going to be outside of your shoulder width, and we're just coming down. Up. Down. Up. In terms of width, it's all dependent on how much stress you want to put on your chest. If I want to come out here, I can. What it does is, it's just going to limit my range of motion. That's all. You can go as far wide as you want to, and get the same desired result.

I love push ups. Push ups are the type of things I do when I go on vacation, when I travel. A lot of times I like to switch between wide and close grip. For a wide grip like this, I try to bang out somewhere between 20 to 30 push ups at a time, and do them in sets of maybe 3 to 4. So what that would take me to is 120 to 140 push ups in a pop.

We're still on our wide grip push ups. The one thing I want to stress to you guys is, there is a limit where you're going to be doing no good for your chest, and putting too much stress on your shoulders. When you start to feel like you're no longer able to contract your chest, and your tension is here, that's when the problem arises. We want to make sure it's wide but still close enough that you can control this, and you're not feeling your shoulders bowing in, in your press. We want to work the chest, but we want our shoulders to be healthy. Remember that, and be moderate.

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