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How to Do a Narrow Grip Push-Up

Learn how to do a narrow grip push-up from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home chest workout for men video from Howcast.


Hi Guys, this is Maxmillan Tapper again for your class and today I want to show you guys how to do a narrow grip push-up now. I want to say narrow grip means where hands' placement is going to be. So, just close hands. The one thing you want to think about is the close your hands, the most stress you'll be putting on your elbows. I know you want to bring them in, but be very safe, keeping in a mark of the distance. Now, turns into distance I want you guys be a little safe. Think a base of the distance as close you want to go. Because the closer you are going to put the stress on your elbows and I want to say that is not a good thing. Let me show you how a narrow grip push-up looks out OK. Come on. The push up means the hands are closer. So, the closer means the way we have to bend our elbows this way or the other way. So this is what it looks like. Notice my hand placement. As i bring them in, I could stress more of my elbows, shoulders and chest. Even with this I feel even more recoverable for my elbows, so I probably will go any closer than this. But we should get the job done. It is up to you that how you want to get the goal, but, you will not preserve your body. If you want your chest to work or your shoulders to work you need your elbows to work and you need to build them up. Closer push-ups is this. Thats a close grip push-up.

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