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How to Do a Dumbbell Bench Press

Learn how to do a dumbbell bench press from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home chest workout for men video from Howcast.


Hi guys! This is Max Tapper again with Howcast. Today I'm gonna show you how to do a Dumbbell Bench Press. Now the Dumbbell Bench Press is for the bulk of the chest. It is this motion. There, arms out to the side pressing directly in front of you but we're gonna be doing that laying down. Follow me. Now we're into our Dumbbell Press position. We're gonna start off with our arms straight up in the air and as we come out to the side we're coming down and thinking of keeping your hands over your elbows or slightly inside but never out. Slowing our way down to control. We're gonna stop when we get to about parallel to the floor and back up. Slow out to the side and down parallel to the floor. Back up. Slow out and down parallel to the floor. Back up. One thing you always wanna make sure is that you don't let these touch. The minute these touch you have now released all the tension on your chest muscles. We need them to always be here so your chest will always be working a hundred percent at the time. There. Now when you're doing a Dumbbell Bench Press , a lot of things you wanna pay very close attention to. One thing is not going too deep into the chest press. What happens is your muscles fire regardless of where you are. So if you're bringing your arm down to parallel to the floor here your chest is firing one hundred percent. A lot of people feel like they need to bring it much deeper. What that does, over stretch you muscle fibers. You're actually at a bigger disadvantage and you're putting more stress in your shoulder capsule. So by going deeper in you press you're not getting any more work on your chest. Just a lot more stress on your shoulder. So be very safe and careful. Stop by parallel to the floor and back up. You'll get way better results and less injuries.

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