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How to Do an Inner Chest Cable Crossover

Learn how to do a cable crossover working the inner chest from personal trainer Max Tapper in this home chest workout for men video from Howcast.


Hi guys! This is Max Tapper again with Howcast and what we're going to go through today is a bent-over cable crossover, also known to some people as the inner chest press. This is what it's going to look like.

This is our positioning. Feet together, leaning forward from your hips, and bending your knees. Please do not keep your knees straight when you're doing this. You're putting too much stress on your lower back. We're bending our knees, bring your arms together, crossing over, contracting our chest. Slow on the way out. What I like to do is to alternate which arm is on top. Crossing over, slow on the way back out. Again. Crossing over, slow on the way back out. Now what I really like about these crossovers is you get to the deeper muscle fibers in the middle of your chest. And I think you can see this as I come across, you can see the muscles are working right here in the middle of my chest. Exactly what we're looking for. So if you're looking for that definition in the middle part and you like to wear those V-neck t-shirts, this is the exercise for you.

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