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How to Do a Cable Lower Chest Raise

Learn how to do a cable lower chest raise from certified personal trainer Max Tapper in this home chest workout for men video from Howcast.


Hi, this is Max Happer for Howcast. Today I'm going to show you a cable lower chest raise. Many of you have asked how do we work on the lower part of the pec. I definitely am not a fan of decline bench exercises and decline dumbbells because of the stress they put on your shoulders. But, when we come to a cable, we don't have to worry about that.

What we do is pull from below us forward and we're working the under part of our chest. Remember, from back and below us up to about our chest position is the lower part of your chest. If you decide you want to come higher as you're moving you're switching it into upper pec and shoulder again. So, if your focus is just the lower part of the pec you'll stop right at chest height. Let me show you how that works.

I step forward on one leg. This is my dominant leg. This back one is going to be my stabilizer. I'm coming from behind the midline of my body, contracting my chest as we are here, pulling forward, pause. This is the end of our lower chest raise exercise on the cable machine. Let's go through a couple of reps. Slow back, contracting as you're pulling forward, pause. Slow on the way down, slow on the way forward, pause.

One thing you've got to pay attention to is you never release the tension on your arms. Even when you're coming back to your very back position there's going to be tension here. It's never going to be soft and loose. Always maintain that tension, and you're always working your chest muscles.

Slow on the way up again, pause at chest height. Slow on the way back, and pause.

One tip I have for you on the cable lower chest raise is it's all dependent on you how much force and how much tension you're going to put into your pec muscle. Obviously, as I'm pulling forward I'm contracting before I even move my arms up. That will give you a much deeper recruitment of muscle fibers in the lower part of your chest.

Remember, you are contracting from the bottom, pausing here, squeezing, squeezing, also keeping that contraction as you let your arms back. More work, better results.

That is the lower chest raise on the cable machine. Enjoy.

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