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How to Draw a Fashion Sketch for Different Body Types

Learn about drawing for different body types and shapes from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Now, we're going to draw for different body types, which is very valuable in today's fashion industry because we don't ignore the different body figures. We have plus size, we have petite, we have everything. So first, we're going to start with someone tall and lanky. And she's tall, she's got seriously tall, long legs. This is the idealized fashion figure. So, you don't want to like over extend her, but you want her to look very, very poised and glamorous, because you are going to be putting clothes on her when you're done.

I'm doing this body tall and lanky, because this is the idealized fashion figure. She's got to be tall, because you're going to be putting some glamorous clothes on it. And don't get hung up on too many of the details about the head, and this and that. You can always go back and fix it, later. We'll give her some crazy hair, a crazy, beehive do.

All right. Next, right beside her, we'll do a more realistic woman, which is one of my favorite body types to work with. And you want to give her a really defined waist, just think about Marilyn Monroe. Where the bust and hips are about equal, and the waist is ten inches under. Which that's a bit idealized, but some women have that proportion. I always put her in high heels, just because it's going to make anything look more flattering, I'm sure a lot of you ladies know. Give her a larger bust. And just, you know, I'm going to hide her hands behind her back, I really don't feel like drawing hands. It's all about the clothes and the figure. Her neck is a little bit shorter.

And as you can see, with her standing beside the nine and half foot woman, it looks like, this is pretty much about the proportions of a normal woman what I'm drawing right now. And for her, I'm going to give her some hair, but nothing major. I over did it, but, whatever. Now, after the hair, I'm going to finish her up by drawing in her legs, and her crotch. All right, there's our normal woman, curvy.

Next, I'm going to do a fuller figured woman. And this is done by just exaggerating the proportions a bit, shall I say laterally. Yes. You know, you still want her to look pretty and flattering because that's my mantra, all body types are beautiful. So, I'm going to give her some legs. What's really funny, is that in the fashion industry, they consider a size eight a plus size, but that's not my view. Her neck's a little bit thicker, her shoulders are a little bit broader, basically, all the proportions are just a little bit bigger. I'm just going to give her some straight hair, why not. Now, we just draw in the boobs, and we're good. That's how you draw three different body types.

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