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How to Draw a Fashion Model

Learn how to draw a fashion model from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


This is how you draw a fashion model, and when drawing a fashion model, you want to take something into mind. You want her to be confident, strong looking, and something you want to show off the clothes beautifully. So here we go.

We start with the head. You always divide the face halfway, so that you can then add in the eyes later. Give her a nice, long neck, basically elongating everything, because you want as much space to render your clothing on as possible. I'm giving her a really strong stance, she's a real tough you know what. Super long legs, high heel foot, you just want to just keep your lines nice and long, and you could always go in later and perfect it, it's no biggie if you get a little squiggle here and there.

And that's pretty much the base for drawing a fashion model.

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