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What Are Some Fashion Sketching Shortcuts?

Learn how to do some fashion sketching shortcuts from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


So, here's some trick of the trade of the fashion industry, just some shortcuts you take here and there. One thing is having a croquis.

Croquis is something you can develop yourself or you can print one out online, you can buy a book on croquis, whatever you want to do. So, the reason we do the croquis is so you can slip it under the page, come sir. Like so and you know you can just see through the page. Another trick I use is cheap printer paper because it doesn't cost very much money and you can kind of see through, that's what makes it cheap. Anyway, this is what we do. We have our croquis under the page and we can quickly draw a cute little dress over it without even thinking twice about what we're doing. I mean you going to think about it but you know.

We're going to give her some petally sleeves, and it's just great because you have like this base to work off of because why do you have to draw the figure every time, there's no reason for it, it's a waste of time. And though this is not the pretties dress, it's looking decent so far. Just don't over think it. You really should do just do stream of thought as your beginning your fascine illustrations. You can always fix them later, you can hone them, whatever you want to do. But you should just be letting your mind flow as you go.

Give her some hair, but I'm not going to worry too much about the hair because really it's all about the clothes. See then we've already have our croquis around her knees, so there goes her legs. She’s got long sexy legs, there we go. I just went outside the line but that's why we have erasers for. Let's do like a nice jewel line necklace on her. As I said before you can all way go in later and really clean it up as you desire. And those are some of the tricks of the trade.

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