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How to Draw a Seamline for a Fashion Sketch

Learn how to draw seamlines from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Okay, so this is how to draw seam lines. I'm going to go ahead and draw over one of my existing sketches, and I'll show you the finished product of the sketch when I'm done.

So first you want to draw your silhouette, of course. And really practice with seam lines, it's just kind of just letting your hand flow. It's not rocket science, it's just like being controlled, and not being too nervous or uptight. You're the commander of your pencil. Draw the silhouette of the outside, I'll give her a hand, why not. I hate drawing hands, I didn't say that. All right, now ready for seam lines. So start with your neckline, and then, this is a very complicated dress, as I love to make things overly complicated or overly simple. Just start with like a nice, long line. With this dress, every seam converges at the waist point, which is not easy to do, trust me. When we made this thing, it was tough, but I love a challenge. Just be strong with your pencil, don't be afraid, you're the commander, and there we go. Little shoulder seams, of course have to carry every one of these into the arm, which made it even harder to make, but whatever, I like things complicated. It's all about stretching your, showing your muscles as a designer, being able to make anything possible.

All right, and there we go, that's how you draw seam lines.

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