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How to Indicate a Zipper on a Fashion Sketch

Learn how to indicate a zipper on a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


This is how you indicate a zipper. I'm going to go ahead and sketch a cat suit, which I've already done. Pretty much the last detail is the zipper and it's going to be a featured zipper. It's going to be down the front of the cat suit, so I'm going to give her, her neckline right there.

And you basically just like find the center of the body because this zipper's going to be going down the center of the body and you make your guideline, dotted lines. You figure out how long you want that zipper to be, and then you make your little long rectangular kind of shape, indicate the zipper right there, and you can do little X's down it, and that just shows the zipper teeth. You can do zigzags, you can do anything.

Even in technical sketching, the zipper is just represented with a line like this. You could even do this, you know what I mean? And then your pull can just be a circle, which I'm going to do here. Give it a good 60's, futuristic 60's element. So that's how you draw a zipper.

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