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How to Indicate the Inside of the Garment on a Sketch

Learn how to indicate the inside of a garment on a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


So this is how you draw the inside of a garment, especially with the fact that high-low hemlines are in right now, and they pretty much will never go away, they're a great thing. You start by drawing your dress, and I have a shirt-dress here that has a high-low hemline. You indicate what this hemline is doing, and then it's a matter of just like shading lightly. And you're going to want to use a pencil that has a soft lead, so that you can shade that later.

You can smudge it with your smudge stick, which we'll get to at some point, when I, whatever. I'll explain later. And basically that's how you show the inside of the garment, because there's shadow in there, and that's what you want to get across. I take my smudge stick and just like smooth it out a little bit, and there we go, we show like that has some dimension to it. And if you're doing the dress in a color, you do the same thing with a colored pencil, just use a softer lead so that it will blend beautifully. And that's how you shade the inside of a garment.

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