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How to Draw Lace for a Fashion Sketch

Learn about drawing lace in a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


This is how you draw a lace. You start out with the lace that you're planning on rendering, which is a great idea. First figure out what kind of lace you want to use. This is especially handy if you have a client sitting beside you, and that's pretty much the story of my life, because I'm a custom designer, and they're sitting there right beside me, so I can't sit there and render perfect little flowers the whole time. So you have your swatch of fabric pinned to the page beside you, and then you just kind of indicate, just like little flowers throughout the dress, you know, some swirls between them, kind of just like your, let your hand just kind of just flow, don't be too rigid with it, because laces, lacey is all about like flowers and flow and whatnot.

So you could even really just take the easiest route possible and just do a bunch of squiggles, which I'm going to do at the whole bottom of this dress, because I've already indicated at the top that that is going to be these hibiscus, or whatever the heck they are, squiggle squiggle, add some shading here and there, squiggle squiggle, one flower there, one flower here, one flower there, one in the middle to really drive it home that this is lace. And that is how you render lace on the spot.

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