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How to Draw a Corset for a Fashion Sketch

Learn about drawing a corset for a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to draw a corset. Corsets are definitely one of my
specialties. It's something I build into almost everything that I do.
First, you want to think about what style of corset you want to do. I'm
going to do an under the bust halter corset, which is a little invention of

First, we need to find the center of the body because when you're drawing a
corset, the seam lines are very important because it's all about structure.
I'm going to come up around the shoulder, up around this shoulder, like
this with her neck.

Now you really want to concentrate on getting the body in place, drawing
the rest of the body, and really getting the silhouette of the corset in
there. A corset is meant to cinch the waist, so you really want to
exaggerate that cinching of the waist through drawing it much deeper than a
natural waist would be.

Now you figure out what is my hemline of this corset going to be or the
bottom edge. I'm going to do it right about there. Now, as I said before,
we want to create all of our structural lines like this.

As you're thinking about the corset style that you're drawing, you want to
think about what you're putting it over as well, not a bad idea. I'm always
drawing them with my client sitting right beside me, so I have to just
think about what's going to look beautiful with this corset.

This corset is a halter corset. It looks great over a stretchy V-neck
dress. You get your hard lines in there. You ink them in later once you
decide on what color you're going to do.

Now I can show you what this corset is that I just sketched. This one
happens to be beaded, so I'm going to put a little bit more beadwork in
there. That's how you draw a corset.

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