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How to Draw a Women's Jacket for a Fashion Sketch

Learn about drawing women's jackets in a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to draw a woman's jacket. First thing you want to do is you want to think about what shape you're going for. This season peplum jackets are really in, and so let's do a peplum jacket, with lapels. All right, here we go.

You want to think about what your lapel is going to do first, because that anchors the entire jacket. I'm going to go with a really deep lapel. You bring it up off the shoulder, like this, this is the shoulder line right here. When drawing jackets you kind of want to exaggerate the shoulders a bit, it just kind of adds to the whole structural feel of the garment. And then, here we go, we draw the outer line of our collar, which I'm doing, just like kind of a 20's style shawl situation. Jackets always have a closure in the front, so you want to think about what kind of closure you want to do.

I'm going to do buttons, so I'll do three buttons. It's always great to do things in odd numbers when you're doing design details, it's just prettier to the eyes. And now I'm going to go with a pleated peplum on the jacket. I just messed up that side, but that's why we do it in pencil first. See now I'm creating those lines, and now I'm going to take them up, because they're nice hard pleats coming off the jacket. We want to render our sleeves, and when you get to the corners of your sleeves, you always want to indicate a fold there. It just shows that there's a fold in the fabric, and it's just simply just a squiggle of a line. And as you're indicating your sleeves, you want to think about the fit of the sleeve, and I'm going to go with like a little bit of a boxy fit to the sleeve. You do your little squiggles in the corners of the elbows, just to show the fabric folding, and I'm going to do this jacket with some sort of trousers, kind of masculine, strong.

These trousers' not the best one, but it's all about the jacket. I'm going to add some seam lines in here, and you also want to think about the back, what's it doing in the back. And now you want to think about what sort of cuff you want to do, and I think this jacket would look really nice with a simple cuff, because there's a lot going on already. Don't get too nuts with the details. Three buttons with the cuff, and I'll fix those pants later. After this you should ink in your drawing, color it and shade it, and that's how you draw a jacket.

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